i am very excited to announce that Cited (Original Podcast Soundtrack) is now available to download and stream! 

i do hope you download it and give it a listen. as always, my albums are pay-what-you-can and you can even enter $0 to get it for free if funds are super tight (as is the situation for many of us during this pandemic).

this season of the podcast deals with the politics of expertise in the “post-truth” era—who is and isn’t considered an “expert” in different contexts and how it is leveraged in different ways (often times for bad). like “this american life” but rooted in history and science. the stories include from a hoax paper published by a scientist, indigenous people subverting the canadian government’s narrative at expo ’67,  the makers of tamiflu buying influence at the CDC… 

thru these stories, we see how what we are presented with as truth is often skewed—facts are manipulated to present certain favoured narratives. as this is one of the common threads running thru the season, i intentionally chose a sonic palette to reflect the wavering condition of truth bending under pressure by way of lo-fi and distorted sounds.

being a soundtrack, it’s not going to sit firmly in one genre or another. i’d say it moves around within the ambient articulations of the post-rock and lo-fi electronic genres, with some modern classical elements peppered here and there. if you’re a fan of mogwai, boards of canada, jóhann jóhannsson, a winged victory for the sullen, or the electronic duets by ólafur arnalds &  nils frahm then you will certainly enjoy this album.

In honour International Drone Day, I will be performing two live improvised ambient drone sets — one at dawn as the sun rises, the other at dusk as the sun sets. The start times are 5AM and 8:30PM eastern standard time, with expected durations of about 45 to 60 minutes each (it will be governed by the actual sunrise and sunset). The YouTube stream links for each are below.

a few years ago (may 4th, 2014 to be precise) i was sitting in the pub when the thought occurred to me: what would it sound like if i looped every occurrence of the word “alderaan” from ‘star wars: a new hope’ overtop a wall of sound made up of all the duran duran songs at once.

i present to you alduran, alderaan — the fucked up result of such an experiment, along with every shot of alderaan for nice visuals. may the fourth be with you!

in commemoration of the 62nd anniversary of the USSR satellite Sputnik 1 burning up while reentering earth’s atmosphere. sputnik 1’s mission lasted a short three months. during that time it completed 1440 orbits of the earth.

recorded using a minimal eurorack modular synth setup: noise engineering’s loquelic iteritas thru 4ms company DLD and mutable instruments clouds.

FFO: godspeed you! black emperor, merzbow, sunn o))), sleep research facility.