mike barber is an experimental composer/artist based in toronto, canada. for over 20 years he has been recording and performing both as a solo artist and as a collaborator in experimental and avant-garde formations in toronto, montréal, philadelphia, and new york city. he has also composed and performed musical scores to a number of independent documentaries and short films. recently, barber was a featured performer in the 2019 toronto new wave festival.

a self-described “sonic mad scientist”, barber specializes in using indeterminacy, chance operations, and improvisation with a mixed palette of electronic sources, organic instruments, and field recordings to create ambient soundscapes, minimalist drones, and other pieces that find categorization problematic.

his latest release is a collection of experimental loop/sound-on-sound pieces created solely of field recordings of a hand saw cutting wood and of him snoring while asleep that are manipulated and layered through his modular synth. “duets for saw and deviated septum” has been hailed as “an utterly intriguing sonic experiment… peculiar landscapes bridging sound art, dark ambient and musique concrete – making for a daunting but deeply rewarding listening experience that is brimming with sonic delights”. it is available on itunes, spotify, and bandcamp.