five years ago today was the release of ama bala, a 22-minute single-track ambient/drone EP. it is the first release from my period experimenting with the technique of digitally granularizing a recording and then elongating the grains by a significant amount and smearing them together. if that description is obtuse, imagine i was taking a length of cassette tape and chopping it into wee (maybe one to two milliliters in length) pieces or ‘grains’–that is the granularization. now imagine i took each of those tiny snippits/grains of tape and physically stretched each one of them in length from 1mm to 100mm, then taped those splices back together in order. i’ve long been a fan of glenn branca, and the first movement (slow mass) from his second symphony has always been a favorite of mine. i was looking for my own way to carry out the deliberately long, drawn out yet subtly morphing tones without the use of any synthesizers, and this technique proved to be the way.

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